Video: Does Women’s ROGAINE Actually Work?

Video: Does Women’s ROGAINE Actually Work?

I’m excited to partner with Women’s ROGAINE again today to share some of my best hair regrowth tips and tricks for women.  If you’ve followed along on my last few posts and videos (linked below) then you know it’s definitely a journey, but one that’s extremely passionate about and I really do love answering all of your thin hair questions.

The beginning of my Women’s ROGAINE journey

My 3-month check in (by far my most viewed Women’s ROGAINE video, btw)

My final check in

Some more hair styling tips and thoughts on hair loss being hereditary 

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Video: A 3-Month Check in

Soooo, as you guys know, I’m a Brand Ambassador for Women’s ROGAINE and I wanted to take some time to give you a little “check in” on all things hair growth since it’s been three months since I started using the new Foam formulation for women, and that’s about the amount of time where you start to see some results! I certainly don’t consider myself a patient person; I think we all know that three months is a solid amount of time to wait but it’s TOTALLY worth it, I promise. When you start to see those little baby hairs growing in you’re just like “Yes! Victory!”