Video: A 3-Month Check in

Soooo, as you guys know, I’m a Brand Ambassador for Women’s ROGAINE and I wanted to take some time to give you a little “check in” on all things hair growth since it’s been three months since I started using the new Foam formulation for women, and that’s about the amount of time where you start to see some results! I certainly don’t consider myself a patient person; I think we all know that three months is a solid amount of time to wait but it’s TOTALLY worth it, I promise. When you start to see those little baby hairs growing in you’re just like “Yes! Victory!”

Make sure to watch my video (above) but I wanted to elaborate a bit as well since, you know, I don’t expect anyone to watch a 12 minute video of me talking – ain’t nobody got time for that.

The process of using the new Women’s ROGAINE Foam has been SUPER easy, which I expected and most certainly appreciate. I keep preaching about the whole “you only need to use it one time per day” thing and “it can be on dry or towel-dried hair!” because, honestly, those are two of the reasons I was inconsistent with my Rogaine use in the past (with the old formula). I’m lazy. We all are. I don’t want to have to plan my schedule around when I need to apply product to my hair; hence, I no longer have to worry about that now with the new formulation. I personally prefer to apply my Women’s ROGAINE Foam at night, but there are definitely days when I shower in the morning and decide to get my daily dose out of the way and apply it at that time instead – that’s the point – it’s up to YOU to make it work in YOUR beauty routine…and I love that factor.

Speaking of which, I have a pretty solid hair care regimen going for my hair, and I’m loving the way it looks right now (with all my new hair growth, especially):

Step 1: Use a clarifying shampoo: If your scalp has product and skin buildup, how can you expect your new hair to actually grow in?! Lately I’ve been using John Frieda BeachBlonde Cool Dip Purifying Shampoo because it’s mild (e.g. a low pH cleanser) and it has the omega-rich kukui and mint, which cools and refreshes my scalp.

Step 2: Use a WetBrush (or wide-tooth comb) to brush: Once I get out of the shower I brush my hair with a WetBrush because it’s actually has specifically designed bristles that don’t pull or tug at your hair when it’s wet (i.e. no hair breakage and MORE hair for you).

Step 3: Use a thickening spray (preferably also with UV protection): I’ve been using the Bumble & Bumble Thickening Hairspray for YEARS but the name has always confused me – it’s not actually a hair spray at ALL, it’s so much better.   This spray sets and lifts all types of hair (not just fine hair) and you can use it before blow drying, heat styling, etc. for heat protection AND extra volume. LOVE THIS STUFF.

Step 4: Use a texturizing spray for even more volume: Just like the Bumble Thickening Spray, Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray is another cult-favorite; try to find me even one hair stylist who doesn’t use this stuff…seriously. Aside from the fact that I LOOOOVE the smell of this stuff, this invisible dry spray builds a ton of volume and texture. It’s amazing, trust me.

Step 5: Apply Women’s ROGAINE Foam (1 x per day, morning or night): Like I mentioned, I usually apply my product at night but it’s totally your call!

One last thing, because I love a good deal, if you’re interested in buying Women’s ROGAINE Foam, the brand has a $10 rebate AND a $5 off coupon up on their site HERE 🙂


FTC Disclosure: I’m being compensated as a brand ambassador for Women’s ROGAINE but all opinions are my own, as per usual. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Honestly Jamie possible!

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