Video: My BOTOX Experience

A few months ago I got Botox on my crow’s feet for the first time and, being totally honest, I’m officially HOOKED.  I won’t reveal too much because you definitely need to check out the video, but I’ll just say that Dr. Jessica Wu is the BEST and did an amazing job.

I decided to wait until November to post the video though because I have some good news!  I’m back in the swing of YouTube and I’m going to be posting NEW videos every Thursday on my channel– make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything!

Oh, and if you guys have any requests for videos, comment and let me know!

Video: A 3-Month Check in

Soooo, as you guys know, I’m a Brand Ambassador for Women’s ROGAINE and I wanted to take some time to give you a little “check in” on all things hair growth since it’s been three months since I started using the new Foam formulation for women, and that’s about the amount of time where you start to see some results! I certainly don’t consider myself a patient person; I think we all know that three months is a solid amount of time to wait but it’s TOTALLY worth it, I promise. When you start to see those little baby hairs growing in you’re just like “Yes! Victory!”


#TBT Video: Battle of the CC Creams

Sooooo, you may have noticed that I haven’t posted any videos on my YouTube channel (or here on my blog) for errr…three or so months? I know, I know but I’ve been focusing on the big project that I’ve been occasionally teasing on here and on social media so I’m truly sorry for my lack of videos.  I’m hoping I can put up a teaser tomorrow but I can’t make any promises until I hear back from the brand that I’m working with (hint: it’s very cool).  In the mean time, I’m working on some fresh and fun new ideas for March so stay tuned for that.

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And, since it IS #ThrowbackThursday, enjoy this video from 11 months ago where I battle out two CC Creams…this was one of my more popular videos so I’m gonna try to do more “Battle Of” videos coming up.

Video: My Skincare Regimen


Video: October Favorites