The absolute best lip oils for the absolute driest lips


Because winter weather brings dry lips and I did all the work for you and found the absolute BEST solution…


It was pretty much as soon as I moved to LA when my lips suddenly dried up like the sahara (I blame it on the dessert-like California weather), but once I realized regular lip gloss doesn’t fix the dryness I immediately started searching for legit amazing, oil-based lip gloss that will not only hydrate my lips, but also serve as a gloss. A two-for-one, if you will.  After much searching, here are my five all-time favorites:


Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil: I’ve blogged about this lip oil before (in a different shade) but, truth be told, the shade doesn’t make really any difference- just choose the color you like looking at the most, ha.  This oil uses a blend of soothing hazelnut and organic jojoba oils—to smooth, comfort, and plump.  What makes this a winner? It’s 100 percent pure plant oil, which forms a protective layer that helps lock in moisture for deep hydration and super glossy shine.  There’s also a very subtle taste to this stuff that I’m totally into cause, you know, I can’t not lick my lips.


Hourglass No.28 Lip Treatment Oil: Another product I’ve raved about before, and it was actually the FIRST lip oil that I tried and loved. This baby has three active ingredients that strengthen the moisture barrier; boost skin smoothness; and elevate the appearance of lip texture, shape, and volume.  Plus I love that it has a gold-plated metal tip that feels cool as soothes as soon as I apply it to my lips…plus it’s anti-bacterial for any germaphobes out there.  This oil is enriched with 14 essential oils including bois de rose, lavender, geranium, lemon, rosemary and TONS more. LOVE, love this stuff.


Physicians Formula Argan Wear Ultra Nourishing Argan Lip Oil: Argan oil in any form is great for hydration (also for hair and skin) and this version from Physicians Formula is a fabulous budget alternative if you’re not willing to fork over $40+ bucks for some of my other favorites.  The brand uses 100% pure argan oil that delivers deep hydration that nourishes and soothes lips pretty instantly.  The ultra-luxurious coconut water flavored formula melts into your lips, absorbing instantly, for a lightweight, non-sticky shine.


YSL Volupte Tint-in-Oil in Cherry My Cherie: This is the only lip oil I love that has some actual color to it, and it’s amazing.  It’s lightweight, but super hydrating and instantly absorbs into your lips.  Infused with a blend of four essential oils for deep hydration (apricot kernel oil, coriander fruit oil, jojoba seed oil, and possiflora edulis seed oil), the lightweight and non-sticky lip tint is now a purse staple for me.


Yes To Coconut Cooling Lip Oil: Another blog favorite, this lip oil is different from the others because it’s cooling (the product, not the applicator). Yes.  Another budget choice, this lip oil provides long lasting nourishment and softness.  Formulated with a plethora of oils: virgin coconut, olive, and cooling eucalyptus, your lips will be intensely moisturized and soft. #coconutkisses


9 thoughts on “The absolute best lip oils for the absolute driest lips

  1. Thanks so much for these reviews. I am going to purchase one of the budget brands to start with. I live in Michigan and as winter approaches my lips go into ugly-dry mode!

    • You are so welcome, Sandy! They are all really good no matter the price! As for budget, I’d say Yes To is my #1 just because I like the cooling feeling of it. But the Physicians Formula one is also AMAZING.

  2. Hi doll! I just want to say thanks for all that work into looking for something good for your lips! Mine have been horrible for about the ladt two years or so and I have no idea whats happening to them.Even old remedies like good ole vaseline or medicated formulas aren’t working.I’m going to try one of these, I wrote them down for reference.My first choice is Physicians Formula, I’m in love with everything they have even tho I dont have everything they have,lol. I appreciate all the time you spent researching these. You saved me time and money, and i found a great head start!

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