The Frank Effect

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I’ve seen a lot of buzz about Frank Body Scrub so when I was given the chance to try it for myself, I jumped at the chance.  As you guys know, I’m pretty picky about body scrubs and body wash but if Frank were an actual man, I’d be super into him…and here’s why:

To start, it appears to be a pretty basic scrub but it’s made with cold-pressed almond oil and a custom arabica coffee blend, which makes it (or HE, as the brand refers to it) a fantastic all-natural exfoliator.  And yes, it certainly does smell like coffee so you should like that smell if you’re gonna use this.

He stimulates blood flow, which targets stretch marks, cellulite, psoriasis, varicose veins and body acne…yes, even cellulite and body acne.  So what else does Frank have? He (god, even I’m getting into it) also uses brown sugar, sea salt, vitamins and minerals mixed with a little orange essence for scent.

I applied about two small handfuls of him on my damp skin and then moved my hand in circular massage motions, concentrating on “problem” areas like my thighs where I dread the day I wake up to cellulite.  You then leave Frank on for about 5-10 minutes before rinsing.

A word to the wise, Frank is one messy dude so just make sure you have a designated Frank area before you start applying.

4 thoughts on “The Frank Effect

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  2. That’s great Jamie, I’ve been seeing them come up more and more on my Instagram, mostly of babes having a good scrub with frank. I’ve seen a lot more as well now and some good DIY coffee body scrubs as well. What do you think of these? I’m in 2 minds as to whether try frank or make my own. But like Annette says it is nice to splurge out on something already made, I guess I’m more frugal than I think!

    The others and the DIY scrubs http://frankscrub.com/top-10-best-coffee-body-scrubs/

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