The scent of Italy


Because limoncello makes me think about happy times in my life…

I’m all about surrounding myself with scents that bring JOY into my life lately and if there’s one time in my life where I think back and have the most amazing memories, it would be my first time in Italy.  Italy to this day is one of my favorite spots and, believe me, I could go on for days with some of my stories but one thing that always stands out from my trips there is that I often ended my meals with limoncello.  Bath & Body Works is really the best at coming up with new fragrances and let’s not forget that they also recently re-introduced some of the classic scents from the late 90s (!), but when their PR team pitched me a new limoncello scent I was like “Um. YES.”

I opted for the Body Cream version and, let me tell you, the Sparkling Limoncello Ultra Shea Body Cream is my new favorite post-shower go-to because every time I use it I’m taken back to dining al fresco in Venice, lunch in Florence with classmates, and a solo dinner by myself in Positano (hence the limoncello I brought home Italy in my photo!).  The rich shea butter body cream gives 24-hour hydration and has super pampering ingredients like aloe butter, cocoa butter and TONS of shea, natch.  Just FYI it is NOT greasy, in case you were worried about that and has top notes of sparkling lemon, kaffir lime, ruby grapefruit and garden mint. #YUM.

What scents bring you back to happy memories?

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