These 2 products will protect your skin (and hair!) from pollution


Because if you live in a big city (especially Los Angeles), you REALLY need this in your life…


A few months back REN Skincare had a really cool event here in LA where we got to take a self defense class and, of course, also learn about their newest product launch (below)

REN Flash Defense Anti-Pollution Mist: Simply put, this is a mist for your skin (and hair!) that actually shields you from the aging effects of pollution. True story: I had a perma-cough (the dry kind) for the first 5 months I lived in LA simply because the air just isn’t as clean here as it is in New York. Pollution is real and I’m obsessed with this stuff now.  UV light and environmental pollutants including cigarette smoke (vom.com), exhaust fumes and heavy metals generate free radicals that induce oxidative damage and put skin cells in a state of stress which is 100% something I think most people don’t even think about. Get this stuff now.


Kiehl’s Cilantro & Orange Extract Pollutant Defending Masque: The combination of cilantro and orange extract instantly intrigued me since I’m a big cilantro fan. Turns out the combo works as a natural antidote to the harmful effects of pollution on skin and also reverses the signs of premature aging due to environmental aggressors. It’s formulated with cilantro extract to draw out pollutants and heavy metal build-up on skin along with chestnut to purify skin by removing excess toxins.  Since you guys know I love me some Kiehl’s this masque is definitely a new fave. Bonus points for the fun green packaging…


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