Three Questions With George Kotsiopoulos


Q: What is your favorite fashion trend for winter 2014?

A: Psychedelic rave prints – bold, colorful brights. The print movement is still going strong and not going away. And that’s fun because you usually only think of prints for spring. And whether it’s fast-fashion or a more high-end item, many of these clothes are in fact washable. Just pop in a Tide Pod – which has brighteners – and your prints will stay protected. Fringe is fun, too. If I was a girl, I would wear fringe all season long!

Q: What made you want to partner with Tide and Downy?

A: I’ve been doing my laundry since I was in the third grade with a regimen of Tide and Downy – so, of course! Who would say no? I love everything the Washable Fashion Movement stands for – it’s about the future of textiles and fabrics and giving consumers what they want, which is an easy way to care for the garments they love while not compromising on price or quality. I do my own laundry and have been since I was in the third grade. I will wash just about everything.

Q: What advice would you give your 23-year-old self?

A: Anything I did got me to where I am today. I don’t do a lot of looking back and wishing something was different – everything happens for a reason.

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