Tuesday Web Candy

tuesday web candy 1

Why I didn’t think of myself, I’ll never know, but this Scrunchies of Instagram account seriously makes my day – Instagram.com

Having two cats, the fact that like a TON of house plants are toxic totally freaks me out.  This post features really cute non-toxic plants that are easy to manage (e.g. keep alive) – ABeautifulMess.com

Jeannine pulled together a fab round up of really cute neutral nailsBeautySweetSpot.com

Not that anyone would ever actually do these (or maybe they would), but I literally laughed out loud at this – TheLuxurySpot.com

I love the “Dress by Number” series on The Budget Babe and this jumpsuit that Ashley Tisdale is wearing needs to be in my closet now – TheBudgetBabe.com

My trainer got me really into foam rolling and, of course, I’m now realizing that I was doing it (mostly) wrong. – HuffingtonPost.com

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