Tuesday Web Candy

Jamie Stone

It’s only Tuesday but, in honor of THIS STORY on how women apparently view other women who wear RED as a threat, I’m bringing back my old head shot – Refinery29.com

Kelly talks about the fine art of “swanning” and I’m into it.  Swans actually remind me of my Nana since growing up I always heard my Dad tell stories about how my Nana and Gramps had their 50th wedding anniversary at The Swan Club in Long Island – KellyGoLightly.com

I’m not usually into braids but this Cheater’s Braid is actually pretty cool and sounds easy to do – Rouge18.com

Nadine breaks down the makeup from CHANEL’s latest haute couture showNadineJolie.com

I literally laughed out loud when I read this breakdown of Tinder experimentsAllure.com

I never thought that sunglasses would be a good way to identify periods of time but, apparently, I was wrong. As I scrolled through THIS slideshow, I found myself saying “omg, yes!” to so many of these, including the aviators with the little crystal heart…I may or may not have owned those (don’t judge) – NYMag.com

Felicia wrote a really encouraging piece about accepting your body and appreciating yourself for your accomplishments, and not just your looks; she always inspires me – LoveLifeEat.com

Paper bag speed dating? I can’t. – TheLuxurySpot.com

I was with Annette while she was shooting for this and I’m so glad I made her smile! – AVintageSplendor.com

Can you say dream office on a budget? – TheBudgetBabe.com

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, J! I’m on my way to LA for Urban Decay tonight for a disco trip, leaving tomorrow am. Any chance you’ll be at the event?

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