Tuesday Web Candy


Since I just got some new hair extensions (more on that in another post), this story on seven things no one ever tells you about hair extensions is very appropriate…and, p.s., they’re all true – Byrdie.com

I want EVERYTHING in this post. Love them all – PennyChic.com

Oh and I approve of everything in Amber’s nighttime skincare regimen, especially the Biologique RechercheRouge18.com

Loving all of these easy, no-carve, pumpkin decor ideas…mostly cause I’m lazy – ABeautifulMess.com

Yep, these halloween costume ideas are definitely all awful. – TheLuxurySpot.com

If you’re in the market for some cute new clothes, my friend Annette opened a Pose closet and all proceeds are going to charity! – AVintageSplendor.com

I actually never really paid attention to this until now. There’s “right” way to apply nail polish and here’s an infographicPoliticsofPretty.com

I LOOOVE this leopard shift dress, especially the way Caitlin styles it…I just want it to go on sale, ha. – StyleWithinReach.net

Speaking of sales, totally buying the knock off version of these Dior earrings! – TheBudgetBabe.com

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