Tuesday Web Candy


As crazy as the idea of a Little Mermaid-themed wedding is, this one was actually done decently well (but it’s still ridiculous) – Brit.co

If you have any leftover Halloween candy (I defintely do NOT), here are a few great ideas on how to use them – TheGlitterGuide.com

I’m LOVING this new charitable collection from BaubleBar – thepost.baublebar.com

This list of places to hang out after you get dumped made me literally laugh out loud – NYMag.com

Amber discusses the newest L’OREAL mascara, which I also love – Rouge18.com

A really interesting read (c/o my friend Elyse) on how Uber is changing LA nightlife…and I agree 100% – NYTimes.com

A funny, yet totally accurate lesson on courtside styleAllure.com

These NYC signs are hilarious and awesome – TheLuxurySpot.com

If you’re not already a voter, here’s why you SHOULD BERefinery29.com

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