Tuesday Web Candy


Can’t stop, won’t stop watching the new Beyonce 7/11 video. P.S- I own the same KALE sweatshirtYouTube.com

I reviewed two hand creams over on TBB! – TheBudgetBabe.com

All of the “friendsgivings” on “FRIENDS” get ranked. So brilliant. – Refinery29.com

This list of dumb things NYC women buy made me giggle cause I’m 100% also guilty of most – NYMag.com

Loving this list of sneaky ways to cover up your roots cause I use the eyeshadow trick all of the time – Byrdie.com

6 Thanksgiving food hacks = awesome for Thursday – TheLuxurySpot.com

This is such a fun and easy DIY, especially for the holidays – StripesandSequins.com

In case you missed it:

A video on my skincare regimen

My latest celeb interview!

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