Tuesday Web Candy

wink manicure

I LOOOOVE this maniHonestlyWTF.com

Yet another reason why I love Kristen BellBuzzfeed.com

An interesting read about having a good relationship with YOURSELFNYMag.com

As a native New Yorker I always laugh when people get all nervous about what they’re gonna wear while they’re visiting.  Sure, New York Fashion Week is ALL about the fashion but, in reality, THIS is what we look like on a daily basis during the winter months – TheStripe.com

Speaking of NYFW, Hallie’s pieces that she’s planning to wear are perfection – CoralsandCognacs.com

I’ve been making this zucchini pasta and turkey meatball recipe like three times a week lately. SO GOOD. – Inspiralized.com

This “what if F.R.I.E.N.D.S took place in 2015″ video is funny, yet still makes me sad – Brit.co

I need to bookmark these tips on how to motivate yourself to workout, even when you REALLY don’t want to – Byrdie.com

I love these tips on how to makeover your hallway entryway on the cheap! – TheBudgetBabe.com

Lastly, these 5 inexpensive pick-me-up ideas are all good when you’re feeling a little down (or have the winter blah’s) – AtHomeInLove.com


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