Video: How to tame fine/frizzy hair


Because frizzy hair is the absolute worst…

A lot of people are often surprised when I tell them my hair is actually super fine since I feel like I pretty much mastered the art of flat ironing it.  Stylists will tell me not to flat iron (sorry), but truth be told, even though my hair is fine, it’s also really frizzy and it never comes out with JUST a blow dryer no matter what I do. I’ve tried expensive blow dryers, cheap blow dryers, ionic, etc. You name it- I’ve tried it, and my hair still always end up frizzy.

Flat irons, if using the RIGHT one, are the easiest solution to fighting that frizz (with any hair type!), but watch my video to find out my best tips- the main goal for us fine-haired ladies is to retain VOLUME, while reducing frizz.

Step 1: Protect your hair. You MUST use some kind of heat protectant or your hair will definitely end up fried. I love HSI Professional Argan Oil Thermal Protector since argan oil is bomb for your hair (and skin, too!) and it’s not sticky or greasy.

Step 2: Use a flat iron that won’t fry your hair. The HSI Professional Glider Elite Professional Flat Iron is a current fave since it has heat technology that evenly distributes the heat and you can also choose your preferred temperature.

So, watch on and let me know what you think!

Thank you to HSI Professional for sponsoring this post and video!

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