Weekend To-Do: Clueless edition


Take 20 minutes to CLEAN your purses, you know Cher would do it…or at least ask Lucy to get it done. I just read THIS article and am totally freaked out. (image via Free to be Lea)

damsel x gorjana

Check out my girl Jacey’s new capsule collection: Damsel x Gorjana. I already bought this ring, which Cher would totally approve.  (image via Gorjana)

Cher and Dionne letter

Write a nice note to someone. And no, not an email…an actual note, on paper (image via Pinterest)

Cher- Clueless

Wear a little yellow. Duh. (image via Pinterest)


Get in a workout, hopefully not sporadically. (image via Refinery29)

Clueless red dress

Hang out with your gay BFF, even if you’re not 100% sure that he’s actually gay (image via Pinterest)


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