3 Beauty Products Every Chocolate Lover Needs

Because I’m chocolate and beauty-obsessed…

Erin’s Faces Chocolate Sugar Body Scrub: This scrub is LEGIT AMAZING. It’s 100% organic and packed with essential oils designed to exfoliate, smooth and soften your skin.  And while most chocolate bath products have a little bit of a faux chocolate smell, this scrub uses ACTUAL CHOCOLATE and smells exactly like your favorite candy bar.  Honestly, I was shocked at good this smelled the first time I opened it and my skin was hydrated and smooth after I tried this. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Perricone MD Cocoa Moisture Mask: Perricone is known for high-quality products and I certainly wasn’t expecting a legitimate chocolate scent (like the product above)…but, yeah, this one is also really amazing! Aside from the cocoa smell, this face mask visibly firms and hydrates your skin to help with fine lines, wrinkles, dryness and loss of firmness and elasticity. Basically, you can fight aging all while smelling like chocolate.

Bath & Body Works CocoShea Honey Bath & Shower Jelly: Ok, so it’s temporarily sold out (don’t kill me), but I’m so into this bath and shower jelly that I actually gifted one to my mom (she was also really into it).  This version is chocolate with a splash of honey and is packed with cocoa and shea butter for the creamiest, jelly-ist shower gel ever.  The product lathers into a creamy foam and conditions as it cleanses. The best.

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