4 Skincare Products I Brought Back from Thailand and Love


skincare products from thailand include a sheet mask

Because, naturally, I bought a ton of skincare while I was in Asia…

skincare products include these three products that are on a window sill

One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to ask the locals about what kind of beauty products are amazing and, typically, I end up coming home with the BEST skincare products that you can’t get in the United States (Australia and Iceland).

Last month when I was in Thailand, it was no exception.  I ended up talking to a salesman for about 30 minutes about Asian skincare and, more specifically, his favorite Thai-based skincare products.  These four were all via his recommendation and I honestly love ALL FOUR of them…

Foot Patch skincare product from Thailand

put these foot patches on your feet for a skincare product facial

Pho Thara Foot Patch:

I was probably most excited about this one because, well, what the hell is a foot patch, right?  The salesman told me about how they use a combo of lemongrass and herbs to draw out the toxins in your feet while you sleep.  The Mayo Clinic thinks they’re BS but I wore this specific brand’s foot patch every night for three nights. And def I felt like my feet felt revitalized.  Sure, I don’t think they’ll likely cure high blood pressure or depression-like some brands might claim. But I say if you want to feel like your feet just got a facial then these are awesome.

Sadly, I couldn’t find these online but Amazon has a ton of great foot patch options.

skincare products from thailand include this white and purple jar

Ele Tujaa Mineral White Mask Plus:

The salesman told me this is one of the country’s most popular skincare brands. This sleep mask is amazing to help firm and brighten the skin using the brand’s nanotechnology.  According to the Amazon page, it also helps with acne, redness and uneven skin color. Truthfully I don’t have acne and I didn’t notice any reduction in my usual rosacea redness but I DID definitely feel like my skin felt firm and plump when I woke up in the A.M.. So that was pretty fab.  I also just love an overnight mask and this is definitely a new favorite!

snail white is one of the thailand skincare products that has snail venom in it

Snail White Gold:

This one took me a little convincing. Even though the whole snail beauty ingredient thing has been around for awhile, I still wasn’t totally on board with having what I can only visualize as snail juice all over my face…you know?  But, once again, the salesman started telling me how every Thai woman loves this brand. And I’m a sucker for anything that will make me look younger.  This “white gold” snail cream uses snail secretion from a snail species in Spain to help boost the skin’s plumpness and decrease wrinkles.

According to the brand, when it’s applied to your face regularly, your skin will be plumped, lines will be filled in and your skin will be “brighter looking skin as a girlhood,” lol.  I haven’t been using it long enough to see FULL results but I did notice immediately that my skin was feeling and looking verrrry plump and hydrated after I used it for two days in a row.  I’m curious to keep using this and see what happens to my fine lines, so stay tuned.

Jenny premium is one of the skincare products

a gold sheet mask is actually white

a close up on skincare products

Jenny Premium 24K Gold Facial Mask:

So truth be told, I specifically asked the salesman, “are these masks actually gold?” And he said “yes.”  I guess it got a little lost in translation. When I opened the first mask it was, clearly, not actually the color gold but instead was white with very tiny little flecks of gold.  My photographer Azusa tried her best to capture the flecks. You can kind of see them above if you look closely. But yeah…kind of a bummer from a visual perspective.  That said, the actual mask feels GREAT on your skin.

And, according to the brand’s website, it helps to fade wrinkles due to gold extract and bird nests?!  I’m confused about the bird nest ingredient aspect, and I’m gonna chalk that up to a translation issue, lol.  The mask itself also helps with inflammation, collagen stimulation and the reduction of dark spots and acne… All I totally do believe, birds nest or not.  It’s probably one of the most premium sheet masks that I’ve tried. I’m definitely going to keep using them until I run out!

What do you guys think? Have I sold you snail excretion or foot patches?!


photos by Azusa Takano

6 thoughts on “4 Skincare Products I Brought Back from Thailand and Love

  1. I use them both! I’ve used foot patches for years now since I don’t have one of those machines that do the same thing. You put your feet in a tub of water with this machine and the clear water turns black with the toxins it supposedly pulls out of your body. Snail mucin has kept the redness out of my face for years. Some brands are better than others. I’ve found the Cosrx one to be most effective.

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  4. Dear,
    This is zeeshan from Bahrain I have shop for Korean skin care products. I want add Thai products as well hence please send me you profile, item list with wholesale price.


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