America is for dreamers (i.e. my first outfit post)

Because this is my first “outfit post,” so please be kind…

My political views are no secret (I wrote this post about “nasty women” eye creams and tweet about politics allll the time), but a few days after the inauguration I pulled this red t-shirt out of my dresser and felt really inspired to wear it while running around LA going to appointments.  Now, more than ever, I’m incredibly impressed with the way we’ve come together as a group (a large one, at that), and are making the bold statement that we will not, in fact, let our rights be taken away…because America IS for dreamers.

Speaking of dreamers, I want to be honest when I tell you that today’s blog post (my first ever full-on outfit post) is kind of a big deal to me. “But Jamie, you have like 30 friends who post 3-5 photos of their outfits on Instagram every day!,” you might be thinking.  Well, I’m here to tell you that I’m literally (and very visibly) just so uncomfortable posting outfit photos of myself…but it’s something that I really WANT to work on, for myself and also for you guys.  The funny part is that I actually used to LOVE fashion and, yeah, I don’t claim to be the fashion it girl, or the most stylish thing ever, by any means, but I quite surely can pull my shit together, and pull it together well…when I try, that is. Ha.

Fun fact: the few times I have posted about fashion pieces, lingerie or accessories on my blog or social media channels I always see WAY MORE CLICKS than I do on some of the beauty posts I think are really gonna “nail it.” How funny is that? I remember I tweeted about one of my favorite bras awhile back while it was on rare sale and it got hundreds of clicks. Hundreds. I’m flattered you guys think I’m an authority when it comes to boobs. Thank you 🙂

Kidding aside, that bra tweet really was my final cue to start thinking about ways to incorporate outfits and fashion into my blog, but (and I’m gonna be totally frank right now): I’ve always felt really intimidated to post outfit photos of myself because 99% of the other fashion bloggers out there generally range from a size 00 – 2 and I, ladies and maybe a few gentleman, have never been and will never be a size 00, 0 or 2. Like ever, barring any rib removal surgeries.  Then there are the plus size bloggers, and I honest-to-god feel insanely jealous when I look at photos from plus size blogs and Instagram photos because I can really only WISH that I feel that comfortable in my own skin.

About a year ago I was working on my first-ever print story for Cosmo’s May 2016 issue, and the topic? You guessed it. Body image. Now I want to be clear that I know I’m not overweight, and I do have many moments when I actually love my body and the way I look (mostly naked, if we’re being totally honest here), but 2017 is a year of change for the world, and most of all a year of change for ME…and I’m ready for a new challenge.  My best friend Sydne has been encouraging me for years (seriously, and that’s how long it’s taken me to get up the courage to do this) to post outfit photos because there really is a gap in the market when it comes to “average” sized women being represented in the blogging world.  I really enjoyed this post from FranishTheBlog (pretty much the only “average” sized female blog I’ve ever seen, by the way), where she talks about being an average sized girl in a non-average sized online world…she makes some really amazing points that really put that last straw on the camel’s back for me. I broke.

What about the women size 4-12?! We are not invisible. We like fashion and dressing well just as much as someone who is a size 2 or a size 22.

At the end of the day I’m doing this for myself, but I’m also doing this for you guys, my readers. Most of you are around my age and live in major cities like LA, New York, Chicago, etc., and I also know that not everyone reading this right now is a size 00, 0 or 2! Let’s get real. And it might just be nice to see what clothing looks like on someone around the same size as YOU for once, right? I mean, that’s how I’ve always felt as a blog reader.

Outfit details: Blank NYC Faux Leather Moto Jacket (btw, it’s on MAJOR SALE right now!) // Express America Is For Dreamers Tank // Paige Jeans // Rag & Bone Leather Bootie

Look for less: Black Skinny Jeans // Black Booties

Taking a note from Grace (one of my favorite blogs, by the way), any time I feature an expensive item (like my booties), I’ll also find a similar and cheaper alternative. Believe me, I get it…$500 for shoes is a LOT of money but I really am obsessed with them and they’re so comfortable!

Side note: I’m obsessed with wearing these no-show socks with these boots! My other “low cut” socks always show so the no-show ones I found are a must with these (or any other low booties).

photos by Azusa Takano


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