September Amazon Favorites

Where did this month go?

I’m honestly still in shock that summer is basically over (even with the hot weather). This month’s Amazon purchases are, as per usual, a bit all over the place…but all realllly good.

My Favorite September Amazon Purchases

A chic water bottle

I was a big-time Hydroflask user but recently wanted to switch over to a water cup that had a handle AND would also fit in my car’s cup holder. After looking at the infamous Stanley, I just wasn’t…excited? The colors didn’t excite me, and either did the price. Then I stumbled upon this Amazon dupe; first off, it’s SO MUCH CHICER. Second to that, the reviews all said that it’s actually better than the Stanley! Apparently the Stanley leaks (this one doesn’t) and it keeps water just as cold. I was sold. Immediate add to cart and I absolutely love it.

A new candle that smells like heaven

My friend Gaby first told me about this candle brand and, trust me when I tell you, it’s a real delight. This candle burns well, smells like a dream, and also just looks chic sitting on a counter.

The best pens

As someone with self-proclaimed serial killer handwriting, a good pen is very VIP to me. I discovered these smooth, gel-ink pens randomly and now I’m hooked. The cat tail design is honestly just a cute bonus cause these pens write like a dream and the ink doesn’t smudge (left-handed people problems).

A natural cough syrup that really works

This was technically a restock because I went through an entire bottle of this stuff when I got a sinus infection back in April. Not only does it taste great, but I love that it uses clean and natural ingredients like honey, elderberry, buckwheat, etc.

A Trader Joe’s cookbook

You probably love Trader Joe’s food as much as I do, which is why you also need this cookbook. The best part is that it uses five items of less – easy AF to cook simple, fast, and delicious meals.

A trunk organizer

The car of my trunk was starting to look like a hoarder lived in there, so I decided I needed some kind of organizer for all my “car crap,” as I so eloquently call it. LOL. I settled on this one and it works wonderfully; now all of my emergency stuff, Windex, towel, water, etc. is all neatly organized and not thrown about. Highly recommend a trunk organizer if you keep a lot of stuff in your car!

A fancy olive oil duo

I’ve been a big fan of Brightland olive oil since its launch and when I recently ran out of my go-tos, I was excited to see they are now sold on Amazon! This also makes a really grift gift, just FYI (and now you can get it on Prime).

An old money-looking set

Lastly, but certainly not least…this set (which I now own in black and cream), is a MUST. It’s comfortable, it’s chic, it’s just too good. I wore the black version the other day to a see an outdoor movie and my friend Sal thought I was “draped in St. John,” as he put it. LOL. Nope. This set is only $40 and comes in six colors.



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