Baby foot

baby foot

Because, admit it, you’ve always had a weird fascination with watching your own skin peel off…

(WARNING: some photos after the jump are not for the sqeamish)

This is a text conversation I had with my friend Arthur/how I first heard about Baby Foot:

Arthur: I’m thinking about doing Baby Foot…have you heard of it? Jessica (his girlfriend) read about it online.
Me: Nooo, but I just googled it and it looks like it’s basically a chemical peel for your feet…just don’t get any of the product on your face!  Are you feet really dry?
Arthur: Not really…but who doesn’t like watching their own skin peel off?


And once I read the same article that Jessica read, I was ALL IN to try it out myself.

baby foot

So, what HOW exactly does Baby Foot work?  Well, let me tell you, I could’ve really used this when I lived in Manhattan- all the walking I used to do created a lot of dead skin that would build up, and I would literally have to scrub my feet in the shower every other day to avoid calluses and cracks! UGH.  My feet, along with many other things, have improved since moving to Los Angeles, but a good exfoliation is never a bad thing.

Baby Foot uses 17 natural extracts (mostly natural acids that also moisturize!) to penetrate and exfoliate the layer of dead skin cells on your feet…and it works in ONE HOUR, which is pretty fantastic.


This is my foot, pre-Baby Foot…just a little dry skin on the big toe…

baby foot

Baby Foot bag is ON…


  • Wash & dry feet, place feet in Baby Foot pack & secure with the double sided tape
  • Leave bag on feet for 1 hour and allow the gel to be absorbed into the skin.
  • Remove pack and wash feet gently with soap

The dead skin will start to peel within 5-7 days (oh, and it DID).  You can start the peeling process by rubbing gently with a cloth or palm of hand (OR going to the beach, trust me…).

Peeling time may vary from person to person and can take up to 2 weeks to complete.

baby foot

I put socks on over the bags to secure them…and Gemma was bored.

baby foot

About five days later, I noticed THIS CRAZINESS in the shower. Hence, my ankles are still soaking wet cause I had to get this photo ASAP.  The dead skin peels off due to metabolism and friction which occurs every day.

baby foot

How INSANE was this first round of peeling?!


The second round of minor peeling was actually worse because it was more subtle and harder to explain in public…

baby foot results

And, finally, VOILA!  Perfectly exfoliated feet…about a week and half later.


This is what we call BABY FOOT.


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