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The email subject line “#BOXERina” definitely got my attention…

When I got an email about DANNIJO’s Fashion Week 2014 BOXERina collection, I was instantly intrigued.  If you ever ask me what my two favorite “sports” are, my answer would be: boxing and ballet so, yes, these photos honestly captivated me and I had to share.

DANNIJO Ballerinas

According to DANNIJO, “the FW14 collection hinges on the relationship between ballet and boxing and its ability to connect us to the bare essence of humanity. BOXERina is about the power of emotion–its role in creating and humanizing our heroes.”

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The presentation featured dancers from the American Ballet Theatre, wearing the collection, and a voice-over by legendary sports photographer Neil Leifer.  The designing sisters Danielle Snyder and Jodie Snyder Morel were inspired by the power and emotion behind the fluidity and movement of boxing and ballet and the juxtaposition of the sports.  The FW14 collection hinges on this notion of soft yet tough, and bold yet elegant.

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You can view the full DANNIJO BOXERina collection HERE and the video HERE.

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