Four Amazing New Beauty Products That I MUST Own

Bliss 2012 Election body lotions: Let’s first start off with the genius names (‘O’ bama orange and ‘mint’ romney).  Regardless of your political affiliation, Bliss will be handing out these lotions at upcoming political conventions and, starting August 27th (yesterday!), the body lotions will also be FREE for Bliss.com shoppers that spend $50 or more. Personally, I’m excited.

Corioliss The Mike Brush: I mean.  How did no one ever think of this before?  So brilliant.

Lady Gaga FAME perfume: I love Gaga so, of course, I’m pumped to smell her first fragrance.  It’s the first of its kind in fluid technology, exuding a black mist (“like the soul of fame”) once airborne.  Black perfume = genius.

NARS Andy Warhol Collection: Ok, so it’s not available until October 1st but you can see the full collection HERE. I can. not. wait.


Holiday Gift Guide: The Quirky BFF

Truth be told, I guess I AM the quirky BFF cause I adore everything in this post and want it for myself.

Juicy Couture TXT Me Leather Gloves, $98 – How could I just be hearing of these?  If I still lived in a place where it dropped below 50 degrees, I’d be sooooo into these.  If you’re on the right coast, you need these. NOW.

Gaga’s Workshop Barney’s New York Chocolate Cupcake Pops, $20 – Besides the fact that I adore Lady Gaga (and Barney’s, at that!), these cake pops are everything.  AND, as a bonus, 25% of the proceeds from all sales at Gaga’s Workshop go to Lady Gaga’s new Born This Way Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to empowering youth through mentorship and career development.

LUSH The Jilted Elf Jelly, $11 – Inspired by fig, honey and vodka cocktails, the Jilted Elf is pretty much my definition of amazing.

West Elm Chalkboard Scented Candle Pot, $25 – First, I love candles.  And second, I love that you can write, chalk board-style, on this particular version.  Personalize the candle for your BFF with a funny moment or inspiring quote.

Barneys New York Partners with Lady Gaga to create GAGA’S WORKSHOP!

News flash – two of my favorite things, Lady Gaga and Barneys New York, have teamed up to create Barneys 2011 Holiday campaign, GAGA’S WORKSHOP!  The unique collaboration with Lady Gaga will bring  together the talent of several artists including Eli Sudbrack and Lady Gaga’s own Fashion Director, Nicola Formichetti.  For the first time ever, Barneys will convert an entire floor of its Madison Avenue flagship into a dedicated space for the holiday initiative, starting in mid-November.

What I’m super interested in will be the selection of small gift items that Gaga designed along with Nicola Formichetti where 25% of sales will be donated to a charity of Gaga’s choice – what a great holiday gift.  I seriously can’t wait to check this out when I go back to New York for Christmas this year.



Obsessed: English Weddings Hats

So I can not lie, I honestly couldn’t care less about the royal wedding.  I know, I know…I get that it’s a huge deal for England and sure, I’m happy for William and Kate but it was just a little too much for me.  However, I DVR’d a bit of the ceremony (I figured hey, it’s probably a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch, right?) and I can’t stop obsessing over the amazing unique hats that everyone was wearing.  I mean WHAT a fantastic concept.  Weddings don’t happen super often so why not take the opportunity to dress up and express yourself via “head art”? 

After looking through tons of photos, I’ve selected my top 6 choices; some are argued to be the fashion mistakes of the event but I don’t care!  Most of the hats were created by England’s resident hat guru, Philip Treacy.  Apparently Philip has been designing hats for celebs and royals alike for years; and, according to InStyle.com, the Irish-born designer has even designed hats for American stars such as Lady Gaga, Demi Moore and Sarah Jessica Parker– love it.  Here are my favorite hats from the big deal (and yes, I don’t care what you, Gawker or anyone else says, I looooooove Princess Beatrice’s Lady Gaga hat- it is EVERYTHING.)  Which were your favorites?

Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice in Philip Treacy hats

David Beckham, Victoria Beckham in a Philp Treacy hat

Charlene Wittstock in Akris

Sophie Winkleman (designer unknown)

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson in Philip Treacy

Kitty Spencer and guests (designer unknown but these girls look like they’d be on “The Hills” London)

Support your teams with style and class

Lady GaGa supporting the New York Yankees and Sydne Summer tastefully supporting the LA Lakers

So I saw this crazy photo of Lady GaGa the other day and I was honestly a little grossed out.  We all know that I love me some Lady GaGa but come on, there’s a fine line.  The whole Yankee jersey fiasco made me think about how I don’t own ANY clothing to support my home state teams (New York Knicks and New York Mets) because frankly, everything I see is a made for a dude.  I recently heard about Alyssa Milano’s sportswear line and thought it was such an innovative idea that I had to share.  I mean, I’ve never really thought much about Alyssa Milano…her ridiculous Jersey Shore parody annoyed me, frankly and she hasn’t really had a real job since Charmed but hey, at least she’s making some money off her sportswear line, touch by Alyssa Milano.