Here’s How I Do a Full Body Exfoliation At Home

How To Do A Full Body Exfoliation At Home

Because we all want that glowing skin from head to toe…

If you’ve never had a full body scrub, you have NO idea what you’re missing.  I’ve only had a few; the most memorable definitely being my naked scrub down at the Golden Door Spa a few years ago (seriously, it’s a wild read), but today we’re talking about how you can do your very own full body exfoliation at, of course, HOME. #COVID

Try it this week/weekend.  You can thank me later.

How To Do A Full Body Exfoliation At Home

Step 1: Apply a luxe body oil to your skin.

I go into a few favorites in the section below.

Step 2: Dry brush!

I like to start at the feet and go up with light strokes (not too hard or it will hurt).  I like this one because the handle makes it easy to use.

Step 3: Shower and scrub.

Get into the shower (warm water only please – not super hot!) and gently massage in your favorite body scrub.  Again, start at the feet and move up your body, applying in circular motions.

Step 4: Rinse.

Using that warm shower water, rinse off the body scrub well.

Step 5: Apply a salicylic acid body wash.

This step is optional but certain areas like the butt and back are more prone to breakouts so, personally, I love finishing off the full bod exfoliation with a little sal acid.  The Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash has been my #1 for YEARS (over a decade actually).

Step 6: Moisturize.

Once you get out of the shower, pat skin dry and then apply (and gently massage!) a super luxe and thick body moisturizer while skin is still a little damp.  You want a really good one here because you’ve just exfoliated and stripped out a ton of moisture from your skin and it’s important to replace it (especially if you have sensitive skin!).

Note: This process is meant for about once a week, and I would definitely not recommend doing a full body exfoliation any more than that.

Benefits of Full Body Exfoliation

The main purpose of a full body exfoliation is definitely soft, smooth skin…but here are some less obvious benefits as well.

It prevents acne breakouts. Like I mentioned above, certain areas of the body (like the back and butt) can sometimes be prone to breakouts and regular exfoliation can help prevent that.

It stimulates collagen production.  If you have any dark spots, rough texture, etc. exfoliation can actually help break down that skin and smooth the overall texture and overall plumpness over time (and, yes, it sometimes even helps lines and wrinkles).  That said, it won’t be instant so don’t expect fast results on this point.

It helps other skincare products penetrate deeper.  If you love using body products to fight stretch marks, cellulite, etc., then doing a full body exfoliation will actually help those products work even better.

My Favorite Body Scrubs, Moisturizers  & Home Exfoliation Treatment Products

One note: I’m not typically a DIY body scrub kind of girl, but I DO like the recipe I talk about below.  That said, please feel free to use store bought products cause you really don’t need to be a hero DIYer here (unless, of course, you want to!).

Easy DIY Relaxing Salt Scrub



Mix ingredients together in a bowl and store in a sealed jar or glass container.  You can keep for up to one week in your fridge.

Favorite Body Oils

Favorite Body Scrubs

Favorite Body Moisturizers


Photo by Azusa Takano

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  2. Hi! I have a question on step 1 – applying a body oil first – should your skin still be oily when you do the step 2 dry brush? Will that affect the dry brush if you skin is oily when you’re using it, versus being completely dry?
    Thank you for this article btw!! I’ve never done a full body exfoliation before but can’t wait to try ! (And some of these products too!)

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