My 10 Most Popular Blog Posts From 2020 – Present

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Because I’m doing a little blog content audit…

The past two days – I don’t know what hit me – I’ve had this burst of creative energy.  It’s actually really awesome, and something I haven’t felt in a realllly long time.  So, why this blog post?  I decided to do a deep dive into my blog analytics (which is always interesting), and I figured I’d do a post on all my super popular blog posts from the past two years…I mean, just in case you missed them, right?

To no one’s shock, they are mostly skincare related and, of course, a heavy SPF influence – hence why I’m the self-proclaimed Sunscreen Queen and SPF products were some of my best-selling products!  Here they are…

My 10 Most Popular Blog Posts From 2020 – Present

1. How To Do a Full Body Exfoliation At Home

This one is my most popular blog post and it made sooooo much sense since I wrote it during peak COVID quarantine time.  Honestly, I still love doing this body exfoliation routine and, if you haven’t tried it already, give it a whirl this weekend!

2. Two Inexpensive Dupes for Creme de la Mer

The comments on this one still make me LOL.  There was some real “controversy” going on with me saying that the two products are similar (spoiler alert: they are).  That said, I’m curious if any of you have since tried my dupe suggestions and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

3. How To Organize Your Beauty Products

I had a strong feeling this one would be big since it’s literally a Pinterest thirst trap.  Once I checked the analytics, I wasn’t shocked to see that most of the traffic to this blog post did, in fact, come from Pinterest and I still get clicks daily from there!

4. 7 Sunscreens For People Who Hate Wearing Sunscreen

This headline is enticing, right?  I’ve done a bunch of these SPF roundups with similar post titles and they always do well.  Do most of you hate wearing sunscreen?  Probably not.  But it gets your attention.  Plus, my SPF reccos are always 100, if I do say so myself!

5. The New Product That Will Straight Up Get Rid of Your Rosacea 

This was a sponsored post I did a few years back for a prescription that helps get rid of roscacea.  I was excited to see it did/does well because, as a lot of you know, I’ve had rosacea since my mid twenties and love finding products that help.  It also got me thinking I need to do another rosacea product post, so stay tuned for that 🙂

6. I’d Swipe Right: Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Glow Moisturizer

I still LOVE This moisturizer and I totally get why this post did so well because it seems like a lot of people are searching for reviews on the Kate Somerville masterpiece.

7. My Honest Thoughts: L’OREAL Paris Pure Clay Mask Review

This was an IG follower/reader product review request and I was actually REALLY impressed with the version of the mask that I tried.  You also can’t beat the price!

8. Sunday Riley Good Genes: Is It Worth the Money?

You guys know I live and die by SR products and Good Genes was actually my first Sunday Riley love.  Is it amazing?  Yes.  Do I still use it years later?  Yes.  It it worth the price tag?  Read the post to find out 🙂

9. 11 Sunscreens For People Who Hate Sunscreen

This was the 2019 SPF favorites round up post that I did – my last one since COVID hit in early 2020 and I stopped working with photographers.  I’m definitely overdue for an update on my latest and greatest sunscreen faves.

10. My New Nail Obsession (That You Apply Yourself!): Super Gels

This was a surprise hit!  I got really into nails during quarantine, mostly out of boredom, and I did a post (shot by moi) on these amazing DIY gel nails.

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