Here’s Why You Need Nanoe Technology When It Comes to Flat Irons

Because sleek, shiny hair is always the goal…

As someone who’s been straightening her hair since high school, I’ve tried a myriad of different flat irons; some great, some meh and some pretty awful, ha (like the one I used in high school that basically did nothing).  That said, there’s one specification that’s an absolute must for me when it comes to flat irons, and that’s nanoe technology.

So what is nanoe?

It’s essentially nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles. Nanoe flat irons retain approximately 1,000 times more moisture than a regular negative ion, penetrating deep int0 the hair shaft, resulting in more moisture, and more shine and smoothness.  As you style your hair, the patented nanoe technology draws moisture from the air to create super-fine, moisture-rich particles that penetrate every shaft of hair to enhance and maintain shine.

I recently tried Panasonic’s EH-HS99-K nanoe™ Flat Iron and Styling Iron and it’s definitely my new favorite…here’s why:

This is my hair, post-blow dry.  Yep, my hair is so frizzy/wavy that JUST a blow dry never fully gets my hair straight and sleek.

P.S. – how great is my “That’s just like the rules of feminism shirt?”

You choose the temperature based on your hair type and texture, i.e. if you have super thick hair, you can go higher but if you’re fine like me, then stay around 340 degrees F.

While the iron is warming up (30 seconds), I spray a heat protecting spray all over my hair. Lately I’ve been loving OUAI Memory Mist since it also helps hold your style.

Run the ceramic plates from root to ends so that the heat is evenly disbursed and, one note- while styling your hair with the EH-HS99-K flat iron, you may hear a soft humming noise—this is the sound of nanoe being emitted from the tool.

Another thing I love about this iron (actually two things):  It has universal voltage so you can bring it to other countries and it won’t blow out! (This has happened to me about three times while traveling and it’s THE WORST).  The straightener also shuts off automatically when not in use after 60 minutes- this way you also won’t burn your house down. #WinWin

The straightener’s slim, contoured head makes it easy to style from roots to ends with even tension (key for less breakage) for both straightening and curling (like above).

What do you guys think? So easy, right? Are you sold on nanoe flat irons?


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Panasonic. The opinions and text are all mine.

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