My Favorite November Amazon Purchases

collage of November Amazon Purchases

Because November’s purchase were all about being practical…

As I was putting together this post I realized “ok, wow these are kind of boring, adult purchases,” haha.  But, I mean, sometimes those Amazon finds are the best kind, right?  Here are my Amazon faves from the month.

My Favorite November Amazon Purchases

Chic ceramic humidifiers

My friend Annette posted about these chic little ceramic humidifiers on her IG Stories (which is way too different from my DIY humidifier) and I immediately hit purchase.  I’ve been getting nose bleeds again recently since it’s been chillier and I’ve actually been using my heat. But, yeah, my big, ugly humidifier is such an eye sore.  Do these work as well to humidify an entire room?  Definitely not. But they are perfect for my nightstand, and I stopped getting nose bleeds once I filled them up with filtered water.  Love.

A travel-friendly phone holder

I’ve been using a different iphone stand for a few years now while traveling, but this one is a definite upgrade since you can clip it onto the airplane tray!  So brilliant.

A comfy bleacher chair

My nephew plays literally every sport at this point, and my poor mom was telling me how she freezes her literal butt off sitting in the New York school bleachers.  So, I did some digging and found her this chair that actually hooks right on to the bleachers so it doesn’t slide or move around.  The verdict: she said it’s THE BEST.  She ordered a second one.  No more cold/wet butts at the middle school football games, lol.

A couch revamp

I’m obsessed with my living room couches but, yes, I’ve had the big once since 2009 and it was getting a little saggy.  I had been toying with the idea of maybe getting a new set in the next year, but now?  I don’t even need to.  ISo,  truly wish I had discovered this under-cushion board years ago; it’s like my couch is (almost) brand new again with barely any sagging and a total increase in firmness.

A scalp massager

You guys know I’m all about the scalp health.  I saw one of these little scrubbing massagers on TikTok and knew I had to get one.  It’s the absolute best and feels amazing – like you’re at a spa getting a head massage.

Healthy and easy mac and cheese cups

I talked about these Banza mac and cheese cups in my email newsletter a few weeks ago and a bunch of you grabbed some.  I was legit shocked at how good this tastes and, even better, the small cup is actually pretty filling since it’s chickpea pasta and has a lot of protein.

A way to make heels more comfortable

These foot pads are a trick of mine going all the way back to college, but I had to get a few new ones for a pair of stiletto boots I bought in 2019 and am just finally wearing now (long story, lol).  I’m telling you – they really do help make uncomfortable shoes more comfortable.  They come in all different shapes for different areas. But I find the ball of the foot to be where I need these most.

A fun read

I recorded a really fun episode of my podcast with Caroline Moss (host of Gee Thanks, Just Bought It) – episode coming soon!   But, while doing my research on her, I saw one of the books that she wrote. it just sounded so fun/I wanted to give it a read.  Hey Ladies is absolutely so funny and relatable so far; I’m not done reading this yet, but, I’m already hooked on reading their insider convos via text and email.

An amazing new light for content

I saw a TikTok creator rave about this small light and how it really upped her video content and was instantly sold.  It’s small, it’s affordable, and, my god, it really does light me well.  I can’t wait to use this little baby to start making some TikToks and Reels.



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