My new dainty jewelry favorites


Because I’m all about the dainty gold pieces…


I get comments all the time from friends and my Instagram followers that they love my gold jewelry. Truth be told, I tend to play favorites and wear the same few pieces (usually 1-3) ALL the time until I get sick of them or get a new piece I’m obsessed with.


After perusing the Michael Hill site I came across a few dainty pieces that I now wear pretty much every day. I love the circle necklace since it goes with literally everything. The arrow ring is perfect because I can mix and match it with other gold rings, and the arrow bracelet is dainty enough that I can wear it 24/7 and not even feel like I’m bogged down with jewelry.


All of these pieces are 10K yellow gold so you know you’re not gonna end up with that gross green mark on your finger or neck.


Arrow Wrap Ring in 10K Yellow Gold | Circle Necklace in 10K Yellow Gold | Arrow Bracelet in 10K Yellow Gold | Essie Gel Couture in Make The Cut

Thank you to Michael Hill for partnering on this post!

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