Things Making Me Happy: 9.13.22

one of the Things Making Me Happy: 9.13.22 is the method hand wash

Because you absolutely NEED this hand soap…


Botox Pros and Cons

woman's eye and skin around the eye that had botox

So Botox.  Botox, aka botulinum toxin, is a cosmetic procedure that a lot of people do to prevent wrinkles and fine lines in their face, simply put.  Botox injections paralyze the muscles in the face so that those said lines and wrinkles can’t form/form deeper over time, which is exactly why Botox is also considered “preventative.” (more…)

A debate: The Makeup Brush VS Beauty Blender

Makeup Brush VS Beauty Blender and magazines

Because it’s always been a great debate…


Jamie in IG and Tiktok

Hi, I’m Jamie.

I’m a former beauty and fashion publicist/social media expert, turned blogger (though I still do consult in digital marketing for brands!).  After years of working on the PR and marketing side of the beauty industry, I decided to take my insider knowledge and start HonestlyJamie.com.  My main goal is to help my blog readers and IG/TikTok followers decipher between which products really work and what’s just marketing BS.  With Honestly Jamie, started in 2006 (yes, one of the first beauty blogs ever!), I give my readers daily doses of beauty, lifestyle, fashion and pop culture…with a little sarcasm mixed in.

Past brand partners include: LANCOME, Dr. Dennis Gross, Shiseido, Sunday Riley, L’Oreal Paris, COVERGIRL, Express, Degree Women, Equinox, CVS, Polo Ralph Lauren, Acura, Olay, Old Spice, Neutrogena, La Roche Posay, HSN, Almay, Walgreens, Macy’s, American Eagle, and many more.

I’ve been featured as a beauty expert and blogger in: PeoplePeople StyleWatch, Lucky, All You, OK! magazine TV, NewBeauty.com, SHAPE.com, StyleCaster.com, POPSUGAR.com, AccessHollywood.com, ivillage.com, HelloGiggles.com, Bustle.com, Macys.com, TotalBeauty.com, TODAY.com, WomensHealthMag.com, and many more.

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Things Making Me Happy: 8.1.22

Things Making Me Happy - PHLUR Apricot Privee on top of a book

Well, happy Monday.  I decided to bring back my “Things Making Me Happy” series that I started during quarantine because, well, it’s fun to share the random things that make life just a little bit better.

I hope everyone has a great start to their week!


Jamie (more…)

2021 Best-Sellers

collage of 2021 Best-Sellers

Because it’s always fun to see what you guys loved the most…


15th Blogiversary giveaway: Your New Favorite Face SPF For Urban Environments

Jamie holding Shiseido SPF For Urban Environments

It’s hard to believe it, but today marks my blog’s 15th anniversary (“blogiversary,” if you will).  As I’m sitting here typing up this post and prepping the giveaway with Shiseido’s SPF For Urban Environments (don’t worry- getting to that below, lol), I’m honestly just SO appreciative of everything that this blog has given me over the past 15 years. From the ability to share my honest thoughts, opinions and favorite products with strangers to the job opportunities both in the writing and marketing worlds. I’ve also made REAL friends that I never would’ve met or bonded with if not for this silly little website I started on a late night whim. This blog will forever be a part of my foray into adulthood and it also served as a creative outlet for me during some really hard times in my life.

(Yes, the tears are streaming now).

15th Blogiversary giveaway: Your New Favorite Face SPF For Urban Environments

Reflecting on my life since I started this blog on April 6, 2009…well, let’s just say I never would’ve predicted that I’d end up where I am now and, quite honestly, I’m really, really happy that I still get to do what I love AND the way my life has turned out…and I owe a big part of that to not only this blog, but also to YOU GUYS.

I’ll never be the influencer with half a million followers on IG and I’m ok with that.

I have all of you. Some of whom have been reading this blog since 2009 (!), and that truly just warms my heart with joy.  To those readers – I’m honored that we got to “grow up” together.  Thank you for all your support over the last 15 years.

To new/newish readers – thank you for trusting me when there are soooo many other voices that you could trust instead.

P.S. don’t forget to check back every day this week (Monday – Saturday) for a new giveaway every day.

I’m really just a ball fall of love right now and I’m excited to share today’s giveaway with one my ALL-TIME FAVORITE brands, Shiseido!