These are the 5 Sunscreens I keep in Rotation

collage of 5 sunscreens

Because you know I’m the self-proclaimed SPF queen…


Reader Question: How Do I Reapply Sunscreen Over My Makeup?

woman under the sun and sharing how to Reapply Sunscreen Over Makeup

Hi Jamie!

It’s been SO HOT OUTSIDE here in NYC and I’ve been struggling cause when I’ve been hanging out I realize I need to reapply my sunscreen but I’ve already spent a good hour making sure it doesn’t melt off of my face, LOL. Any advice?

Thank youuu.



Here’s Why You Need to Apply SPF to Your Scalp

Here's Why You Need to Apply SPF to Your Scalp

Because, even if you have thick hair, your scalp can easily burn…


My Latest Makeup Favorites (all under $70)

an image of Makeup Favorites from different brands

Because I always play makeup favorites…