Because episode 11 is live…

This week I talk to Syd Wilder, podcaster (Girl Instarupted), mental health advocate, suicide survivor, actress, comedian and all around kind human being.  Listen to the episode HERE.

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode touches on serious subject matters, such as rape and attempted suicide. We take a lighthearted tone to the conversation (per Syd’s lead), but I wanted to flag the topics in case anyone will be triggered by it. Thank you for listening!

We start with what was a little too much and just the right amount of too much for both of us the week we recorded. Syd’s title as “Playboy’s top 10 hottest YouTubers” of 2015 and how my biggest LA regret is never getting to go to the mansion. We then talk briefly about trolls on the internet, Syd’s grandfather being a Navy SEAL, my obsession with “SEAL Team” on CBS, and my dad fighting in the Vietnam war and admitting that he had killed people.

We then get into the details of Syd’s marriage and divorce to a man 33 years older than her and what a narcissistic sociopath looks like IRL. Why getting married/getting into a serious relationship is a bad idea when you’re grieving or dealing with loss and the time I went on one date with a male model. After that Syd shares her traumatic experience being 5150’d and admitted to a psych ward after her attempted suicide, the highlight of her career to date and the story about how MY “life coach” ghosted her after her dad died and then lied about it.

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