Things Making Me Happy: 8.15.22

woman drinking white wine

Things Making Me Happy: 8.15.22

Planning a girls weekend

It really hit me last week that I haven’t had a real vacation in YEARS.  This is so not like me, but COVID obviously threw a wrench in me even contemplating any big trips, of course.  My friends and I started texting about planning a girls weekend (location TBD), but one thing I know is that there will be wine.  It’s funny how even the idea of planning a vacation already gets me excited, right?

one of the Things Making Me Happy: 8.15.22 is this baked clams and lemon

 Baked clams

If you’re Italian and also from New York, then you know about baked clams.  I went to the new Lavo Ristorante restaurant here in LA a few weeks ago with my friend Gaby, and we both agreed that baked clams aren’t given the credit they deserve as the perfect appetizer.  Will I ever make these at home?  Probably not.  But I’m here to tell you that if and when you see baked clams on a menu, you need to order them.

Image via Lavo

one of the Things Making Me Happy: 8.15.22 is this dyson air purifier

My Dyson air purifier

I rave about this air purifier over on my IG Stories and I am very serious when I say that it has changed my life.  Well, ok, it has changed my cat Gemma’s life and, therefore, my life in turn…if you have an asthmatic cat (or child!), you totally get what I’m saying here.  Since I bit the bullet and invested in this top of the line air purifier, Gemma went from having one or two asthma attacks a month to having maybe one attack every two or three MONTHS.  Yes, read that again.  Aside from helping with asthma, this Dyson also constantly monitors the environment, reacts to the air quality in the room and captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Believe me, this air purifier is worth the price tag- it’s currently on sale so now is a great time to grab one (the HSN sale also gets you an extra filter!)

Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier, $370 (on sale!)

one of the Things Making Me Happy: 8.15.22 is this lip balm and gloss

My new favorite lip balm/goss

I am absolutely team lip gloss (vs lipstick) and Jamie Greenberg has done it again with her new-ish Bloss lip balm and lip gloss hybrid product.  It truly is just as juicy as a gloss but you get the hydration of a balm; each Bloss boasts peppermint (and, yes, it does taste really good), shea butter for those humectant properties, and hyaluronic acid for even more hydration.  My favorite shade?  I’m a sucker for “The Nude One” (far right in the photo above) – it’s truly the perfect nude for your lips and I love that it has a glossy look to it.

Jamie Makeup The Bloss, $26

poster of Greek tv show on Hulu

GREEK on Hulu

After spending hours (truly hours) on TikTok watching RushTok this past week, I decided it would be fun to do a rewatch of a classic favorite TV show of mine: GREEK, which originally on ABC Family.  Did it disappoint?  Absolutely NOT.  This show is wholesome, yet really a fun watch…even if you know nothing about the greek system.  It also aired from 2007-2011, so you’re getting some peak mid-2000s fashion to boot.


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  1. So pretty wow I will definitely order baked clams they look very mouth watering thanks for the advice and oh my word I’m so in love your air puffier

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