Things Making Me Happy: 9.11.23

I’m back, baby…

Happy Monday, friends.  It’s been MONTHS (about six to be exact) since my last blog post, and I honestly can’t believe that the year is almost over at this point.

So happy to be back! xo

Here’s a fun list of things making me happy right now…

Things Making Me Happy: 9.11.23

An innovative new cleanser

Jamie Greenberg (celebrity makeup artist and overall awesome person) has done it again. I love her Bloss product, and so it’s really no surprise that I’m now also in love with her newest launch – The Best F*ing Makeup Remover (B.F.M.R.).  I love that it’s a spray (so unique!), and it does a great job of removing makeup…plus, I mean, the packaging is also fun for me since we share the same name 🙂  Once misted on the face, the silky formula is massaged into the face and wiped away without a tug. Your skin is left feeling clean, calm and nourished.

B.F.M.R. Mist, $39

Memory cats

I had seen a similar version of these memory stuffed animals on TikTok awhile back and wanted to have two made – one for my late dad and one for my late sister, Melissa. After doing a ton of Etsy searching, I decided on Custom By Svetla’s version. She makes the most beautiful stuffed cats using fabric from the clothing of your loved ones. I honestly have no words for how perfect these two cats turned out; The blue version was made from two of my dad’s shirts, and the white and black strip cat was made from two of my sister’s shirts (she also sends back any unused fabric). These really are an amazing gift idea for you or anyone in your life who has lost someone, and Svetla actually can make a ton of different animals (dog, bunny, fox, shark, lion, monkey, bear, etc.). One caveat: it does take about three months from start to finish, so if you’re looking for a fast gift, this isn’t for you.

Memory stuffed cat, $85+

image via Green Pan

The best pan to ever exist

I was complaining to my friend Jen the other day about how I was trying to make the TikTok viral fried feta eggs and how it really just wasn’t working with the pan I was using (you know the one- every IG influencer has promoted it and it’s very pretty). Jen mentioned that she really loves her Green Pan and that really is, in fact, non-stick.  They were having a sale for Labor Day, so I bit the bullet and got the pan (above)…omg I am a woman OBSESSED. Jen wasn’t lying; it truly IS non-stick and I also love that it’s oven-safe, dishwasher-safe (though they do recommend hand washing), and free of toxins. Will buy again in different sizes. 10/10.

One note: you can’t use spray oils (like from the aerosol can) on these pans, so I grabbed one of these on Amazon and it’s absolute perfection.

Green Pan Ceramic Non-Stick Fry Pan, $150 (Use code COLOR30 for 30% off)

image via TV Insider

Binge-watching an old favorite

I always really loved New Girl, but recently I started rewatching and the series has since turned into my comfort show. Honestly, it makes me really miss my early 30s but in the best way possible. Highly recommend a rewatch (or first watch) if you’re in the market for a new show!

New Girl, Hulu and Peacock


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