My Favorite Purchases from Amazon in August

My Favorite Purchases from Amazon in August

Because it’s all about comfort and convenience right now…

My Amazon favorites blog posts are always a hit, and I get it.  Honestly, sometimes I feel like getting a package from Amazon is literally the only thrill I have in my life these days (crying face), you know?  These are my seven favorite purchases from the last month of so – you will love them.

My Favorite Purchases from Amazon in August

1-) Chic black and white enamel bowls:

I decided that I needed these after realizing that all my glass tupperware is SQUARE and, ipso facto, then not great for salad storage.  These are really cute, come in a few different colors and make me feel fancy when I eat a salad out of them.  The downside: you can’t put them in the microwave or dishwasher.  The no dishwasher rule isn’t fun but I still love these!

2-) Rain water shower head:

Talk about life-changing purchases…I LOVE MY RAIN WATER SHOWER HEAD. I honestly can’t believe I’ve waited this long to make the upgrade because now my showers feel almost spa-like.  Oh, and I even installed it myself so you know it’s very easy 🙂

3-) Wood salt cellar box:

This is another upgrade kinda purchase. I recently bought some really good sea salt flakes and decided that I needed a cute container for it.

4-) The Drop lace up snake print sandals:

Not that I go many places (or really anywhere, for that matter), but I saw these on IG and they’re just such a great basic sandal.  I wore them last weekend and can also attest that they’re pretty comfy, too.

5-) Tie-dye loungewear set:

Not that I really needed another loungewear set…BUT I saw this one randomly in a search and figured it would be great for fall/winter.  The fabric is really smooth and soft, but not cotton so just be aware of that fact.

6-) Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling:

I’m super late to the party on this book, but not on all things Mindy Kaling.  I love her and this book made me actually laugh out loud, which is much-needed these days!

7-) Black biker shorts:

Lastly, I know we all can’t get ENOUGH of the biker shorts trend, lol.  I still would never wear these in public but I love them for lounging around and this version is SO SO SOFT. Love.


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