Three Questions With Nicole Kidman

Three Questions With Nicole Kidman

Three Questions With Nicole Kidman

Obviously everyone knows who Nicole Kidman is. She was infamously married to Tom Cruise, has been in dozens of critically acclaimed hit movies and, of course, most recently the c0-star and co-producer of HBO’s Big Little Lies (a personal favorite of mine, natch).  But when Neutrogena gave me the opportunity to sit down with their latest brand ambassador, I was super excited…one, because I’m a big fan and two, because she is VERY interested/an advocate of sun care… READ MORE

Three Questions With Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood in sportswear

A few Fridays ago I was invited to spend the day in Malibu with Carrie Underwood, to help celebrate the Spring/Summer ’17 collection of CALIA by Carrie Underwood, her athletic/athleisure clothing and accessories brand.  After a vigorous ocean-view workout (hence the #NoMakeup photo after the jump), a vegan lunch and chatting about how we’re both off the hair extension bandwagon, I was able to ask Carrie about her line and all things fitness motivation.  Side note: I saw Carrie do an insane amount of push ups (not on her knees) when we working out, so this woman is LEGIT… READ MORE

Three Questions With Bethany Hamilton

Three Questions With Bethany Hamilton - Honestly Jamie

A few weeks ago I was invited by Damon Braces (Bethany is a spokesperson!) to a SurfSet Fitness class to “surf” with arguably the world’s best female surfer, Bethany Hamilton.  You probably know Bethany as the pretty blonde surfer girl who survived a 2003 shark attack that took her arm, but that didn’t stop her from winning several world champion surf competitions (you probably also know about the movie based on her life, Soul Surfer – a.k.a my guilty pleasure movie- but that’s a different story).

What intrigued me most about meeting Bethany is how she hasn’t let the attack make really any kind of change to her life/the life she was supposed to lead.  That’s impressive, in my book…aside from also have THE most perfect shade of natural blonde hair I’ve ever seen.

Here’s what the soul surfer had to say…