Your Favorite Blog Posts from 2022

Because it was QUITE a year…

I’m still having a hard time believing that it’s already January 10th, am I right?!  That said, I love digging through my analytics to see which blog posts really resonated (and which didn’t).  These are the top 10 (all new) blog posts of 2022!

Your Favorite Blog Posts from 2022

collage of beauty products for Favorite Blog Posts from 2022

10// 10 Beauty Products from AAPI-Owned Brands That I Love

I love that you guys loved this blog post.  I’m going to continue to highlight and support brands founded/owned by POC.

9// My Egg Freezing Journey

It’s hard to believe that this was already so long ago (April 2022, to be exact).  It was SUCH a wild ride but I’m (still) very happy that I did it.

Appricot for Favorite Blog Posts from 2022

8// Things Making Me Happy: 8.1.22

I was surprised by this one!  I enjoy putting together my weekly roundup of things that make me happy, but they’ve never been a top performing blog post before 🙂

The Progress Over Perfection Planner

7// Shop It > The Progress Over Perfection Planner

This is my blog post where I announced my daily planner launch!  Thank you to everyone who has purchased one – I hope you’re loving it as much as I do.

6// 12 Sympathy Gift Ideas for Grieving Friends

This year I started talking about the topic of grief a lot more and I am absolutely elated that you guys loved it so much.

5// The 3 Best Facials I’ve Had in LA

I’ve had A LOT of facials and these are definitively the best, IMO.

4// SKKN by Kim Face Cream Review – My Honest Thoughts

Any time I write about any Kardashian-Jenner products, you guys love it.  I bought (with my own money) one of Kim Kardashian’s new skincare products and give my honest review.

Saltair for Favorite Blog Posts from 2022

3// The Best Natural Deodorant Ever. I Said It.

I’ve tried a LOT of natural deodorants; some work ok…some don’t work even a little bit.  But THIS natural deodorant really DOES work, and you guys love it, too.

woman holding Neutrogena Hydro Boost for Favorite Blog Posts from 2022

2// My Amazon Prime Day Beauty Picks

Gotta love a good Amazon beauty sale!  These were my picks 🙂

1// How to Help a Grieving Friend

Annnnd, my number one most popular new post from 2022 was another meaningful one.  Seriously, I’m truly honored to help not only the person reading this post, but the grieving friend/loved one as well.

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