The New Product That Will Straight Up Get Rid of Your Rosacea

I’ve talked about my mild rosacea many times over the years but, for those of you who aren’t familiar (or one of the 16 million Americans who currently have it), rosacea is a skin condition that causes redness or flushing of the face and, in some cases, bumps, pimples and skin thickening. Over the years I’ve managed to mostly hide my redness via foundation and tinted moisturizer…but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think twice before going outside barefaced. And it kinda sucks, to be honest…


My “in front of the TV” skincare routine

Does anyone else have one of these routines?


10 Beauty Products from AAPI-Owned Brands That I Love

collage of Products from AAPI-Owned Brands

Because representation is important and these products are THE BEST…


3 of My Favorite Face Masks

woman using Face Masks

Because face masking is a luxury we all need in our life…


2021 Best-Sellers

collage of 2021 Best-Sellers

Because it’s always fun to see what you guys loved the most…


My SPF Essentials for Summer

Jafra products SPF Essentials for Summer

Today I partnered with JAFRA to talk about the three types of sunscreen I use for, you guessed it, summer pool/beach days. 🙂

Now, we all know that I’m very pale (I burn in about 15 minutes!), but even if your skin is darker, it’s super, super important to still apply sunscreen every 2-3 hours.  Not all sun damage can be seen on your skin (at least not immediately), so SPF it up, k?

Now here are the three SPFs that you need, from head-to-toe… (more…)